This is a unique and challenging zombie game. First select the first level to start. In this first level you will find more information on how to play the game.

The first level is pretty simple, but it’s just for the player to get familiar with. The boy has turned into a zombie and your mission is to turn back into a human by completing all the levels. First you have to walk with the zombie and touch the special magic block. This will cure the zombie virus. Then the next step is to walk to the brain to get them.

The objective of the game is to solve all the levels as fast as you can. The faster you finish a level, the more points you get. When you complete a level, the current score is displayed in the upper right corner. The more levels you play, the more points you can score, of course.

The second level is already a bit more difficult, but still not that difficult for first-time players. Now you have to jump over the gap to get to the magic block. But you have to be careful, when you walk on the blocks they will turn into falling blocks. So you can’t stay on the block, you have to keep jumping. Plan your jump carefully because you don’t want to fall. Grab the brain as the kid and the level will be over.

Now you will face a new problem, when เว็บแทงบอล you run towards the magic block, the other blocks will fall down and can crush the brain. So you have to jump on the one that is hanging above the brain. When you’re human again, you can walk back to grab the brain. Until now the game is not that difficult, but from now on the levels will be a bit more difficult.

The 4th level starts with the zombie next to the brain, but don’t grab it yet, you have to heal it first. So take the big jump and run to heal the zombie. The falling blocks will make it a bit more difficult this time. When you walk backwards, the gaps are bigger, so you have to make sure your jumps are perfect.

If you fall, you can easily replay the level, but

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